Friday, January 14, 2011

Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert

I'll start out by saying that the Medical Marijuana Benefit is not about getting high it's about a higher quality of life for people who are suffering from cancer and the affects of the  kemo treatments, AIDS, and a host of sickness that can be treated with a drug that is non addictive and safe vs. pain killers like Oxycodone and Vicodin that are narcotic and highly addictive and can even kill you if misused. We have a right to have the choice but the only way it will happen is to get involved and support events like this one. Sign the state and local petitions on Marijuana reform. Everyone who reads this blog knows someone who has suffered or has died of cancer or AIDS so do it for them or for there memory!!!!
I will be performing at Tobacco Road on Saturday the 15th of January at 5:20- 6:05 with Orrin Bolton and Omine Eager in a showcase in the round style. The event Starts at 4:00pm and goes to 3:30am with Music, Live Art, Spoken Word, Poetry, Guest Speakers on the issues and booths set up with info an petitions to sign f and merchants..........and the story continues

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