Thursday, December 6, 2012

Luminotti brings enlightening set to BeerFest

Luminotti brings enlightening set to BeerFest
Luminotti will be taking the stage at 9:00 at the BeerFest at Huizenga Plaza on Las Olas downtown Ft Lauderdale........hope you can make it!!!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Naomi Psalm "Stare" CD review By: Steve Minotti

Naomi Psalm "Stare"  
Cd Review By: Steve Minotti
A.V.A.Live Radio Reporter
    It all started when I posted in a local facebook group page that I was looking for acts to showcase at Kevro Art Bar in Delray Beach Florida. I received an e-mail from a lady in Boise Idaho named Naomi said she would be in town and would like to showcase her new EP "Stare" and would appreciate any help in getting other shows. She told me that we had a friend in common Rob Rice who taught her how to play guitar when she was a little girl living in South Florida .....Now I met Rob through my bass player Chris Korzen. Chris hooked Rob up with a local Band Underground Junction whom he played bass with for a short time with my good friend Glenn Goss and Steven Bauer of Scareface fame...Rob is a great bass player so I took the time to check her music out and I'm glad I did. 
     The first song I came across was clever piece of work titled "Already Hit Send" and I think this is the button that everyone in the world of texting has pushed and regretted!!! This Cd is well produced with strong vocals and nice instrumentation through out the whole EP.

     The next one is a song that is a little darker titled "Ink" this was written about Naomi's brother and a personal tragedy she had gone through as she told us in an interview on with Jacqueline Jax and myself. She was also in town for a video shoot in Miami at the old Miami Marine Stadium for this tune on a rainy and cold weekend in South Florida and a great back drop for this tribute to her brother. We are looking forward for its release at A.V.A.Radio.

      Last but not least is a song titled "Listen" a song Naomi said was a old song she revamped from her archive of songs and just as the title suggests listen to this song it's inspiring lyrics and great melody will hook you for sure and my personal favorite. Again production by Dammien "Dame" Alexander is outstanding.

       If there is a negative to this Cd is there is not enough tracks on it and we look forward to her full length Cd in 2012.. "Stare" by Naomi Psalm is available on iTunes and through her website link above.

Steve Minotti
A.V.A. Live Radio Reporter

Friday, January 14, 2011

Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert

I'll start out by saying that the Medical Marijuana Benefit is not about getting high it's about a higher quality of life for people who are suffering from cancer and the affects of the  kemo treatments, AIDS, and a host of sickness that can be treated with a drug that is non addictive and safe vs. pain killers like Oxycodone and Vicodin that are narcotic and highly addictive and can even kill you if misused. We have a right to have the choice but the only way it will happen is to get involved and support events like this one. Sign the state and local petitions on Marijuana reform. Everyone who reads this blog knows someone who has suffered or has died of cancer or AIDS so do it for them or for there memory!!!!
I will be performing at Tobacco Road on Saturday the 15th of January at 5:20- 6:05 with Orrin Bolton and Omine Eager in a showcase in the round style. The event Starts at 4:00pm and goes to 3:30am with Music, Live Art, Spoken Word, Poetry, Guest Speakers on the issues and booths set up with info an petitions to sign f and merchants..........and the story continues